WELCOME to TEACH Rwanda’s Resources!

Our goal is to provide teachers around the world with curriculum ideas to explore with young children. These topics will all relate to Rwanda, but can be implemented in any program, anywhere, with children ages 3 to 5 and are:

  • authentic
  • creative
  • age-appropriate

Our first section is Learning Plans. Just click on the topic to discover a few possibilities. We expect you to adapt these ideas to fit children in your classroom. We hope to add new plans regularly, so please visit us often! If you have requests for other suitable learning plan topics, just e-mail Jan Brown.

We also encourage teachers to let us know what other Rwandan-based resources might be helpful in your work with young children. At the moment, we are seeking Rwandan crafters to supply genuine, high-quality drums and dolls. What other items would lend authenticity to your teaching about life in Rwanda? Contact Jan

Learning Plans



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