Seeing is believing. Preschools in Rwanda typically have enrollments of 40 or more children with one unprepared teacher. There are no books, no learning materials. Memorization and lots of group games leave children bored and fail to develop growing brains. Even teacher education programs, most at the secondary (high school) level, focus on theory. Few, if any, teachers have ever seen a high-quality preschool in action.

That’s why TEACH Rwanda designed a series of educational opportunities for Rwandan teachers to become familiar with modern teaching practices, which are required with the Rwandan curriculum that was introduced in 2016.

Teachers and education leaders from around the country are eligible to participate in our ever-improving professional development system. Our modules were designed by experts with decades of experience in international education and—since 2010—in-country experience with Rwandan preschool teachers.

            Professional journeys begin with TEACH Rwanda’s learning experiences!


Observe in an Exemplary School—Module 1

—Module 1

Educators and officials discover high-quality early childhood education in Rwanda when they observe for a half-day in one of our play-based Exemplary School classrooms. Visitors are immersed in groups of 20 happy, self-directed, curious, creative children led by two responsive teachers who scaffold children’s learning through hands-on, personalized explorations. After the observation, they talk informally with experienced teachers about the many benefits of active, child-directed learning based on Rwandan themes. Rwandan culture and modern teaching practices are masterfully blended!

Opportunities to observe are open and free. Schools and other sponsoring agencies arrange and pay for teachers’ transport. A maximum of three observers per classroom can be scheduled to minimize disruptions in children’s learning experiences. To schedule observations, contact or Call 0788 83 5696

Learn About Best Practices

Module 2

TEACH Rwanda’s Level 2 modules are available to Rwandan teachers only AFTER they complete Module 1. These engaging, hands-on workshops are conducted at or near the participants’ own schools. They are led by experienced, responsive teacher educators, primarily Rwandan teachers who started their careers in our Exemplary Schools. Here are some highlights of the modules.

·         Each of the four modules is designed to be implemented in 6-hour sessions. Sessions can be held once a week, every other week, or once a month, at the teachers’ convenience.

·         Modules are conducted in Kinyarwanda, in small groups of 10 to 12 teachers to ensure active participation. Teachers are engaged in learning in many of the same ways they will begin to implement as teachers. Asking questions and sharing ideas are encouraged and supported.

·         The workshops scaffold teachers’ understanding and skills in child development and early childhood education. The content and skills build on what teachers already know, have experienced in their own schools, and have observed in TEACH Rwanda classrooms.

·         Everything in the workshops is congruent with Rwanda’s new pre-primary curriculum. One of our Module leaders was a REB district master trainer for this competency-based curriculum.

·         All participants receive a practical Teacher Guide, in Kinyarwanda, with tools and strategies they can use immediately to help children develop genuine understanding, analytical thinking skills, and the ability to apply their knowledge: KWL charts, ideas for themes, free and found Rwandan materials lists, checklists, and other tools.

·         TR modules enable teachers to practice and refine their new skills with each other through role play and active investigation of Rwandan learning materials.

·         Teachers plan and implement  new teaching strategies in their own classrooms after each session. Teachers reflect on and ask questions about their experiences at the beginning of the next session.

Module 2 is offered only after completion of Module 1. This series of four intensive, fun workshops is available for a moderate fee, $500, to cover leaders’ time, learning materials, and other expenses. Cost of transport to the site chosen by the agency is additional. To arrange Module 2, contact or Call 0788 83 5696


Arrange a Mentor

Module 3


Rwandan teachers are eager to get feedback about how well they are implementing what they learned in Modules 1 and 2. Therefore, we are happy to follow up these experiences with classroom mentoring.

One or more TEACH Rwanda early childhood experts can visit a participating school to observe changes in the learning environment, teaching practices, and children’s engagement. After the observation, teachers reflect with TEACH Rwanda representatives on their progress. Goals are set as next steps to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Module 3 builds on Modules 1 and 2 and is only available to teachers who have completed both modules. This professional development service is available to schools and agencies for $100 per day plus transport to the school.

To arrange a mentor for Module 3, contact or Call 0788 83 5696


Learning Materials from TEACH Rwanda

After visiting one of our schools, teachers often ask where they can find our books, learning materials, and classroom furniture in Rwanda. We source everything possible in country!

Banana book.jpg

Our Books

TEACH Rwanda publishes three books, all resources for teachers and children alike! All were developed in Rwanda, for Rwandan teachers, and are illustrated with photos of Rwandan children. Discover Rwanda!

·         Bunches & Bunches: How Bananas Grow in Rwanda. Pictures, information, recipes, and craft ideas. $20 in the U.S., 12,000 RwF in Rwanda

·         Learning Materials for Rwandan Young Children—Find, Play, Understand! Book 1 Rwanda’s Natural & Recycled Resources. Materials teachers can find, what children might do with them, what to say to inspire analytical thinking, skills and understandings children develop, ties to curriculum themes, and related children’s books. $7 in the U.S., 5,000 RwF in Rwanda

·         Murakaza Neza! Welcome to Our TEACH Rwanda School. What happens in a TEACH Rwanda school? Take a peek into children’s excitement. Follow what happens each day. See integrated learning in action. $20 in the U.S., 12,000 RwF in Rwanda

Delivery fees or shipping for books is additional.



Where to get your books?

·         In Kigali, you can find Bunches & Bunches and Murakaza Neza at   
          Librarie Ikarizi Book Store.

·         In Rwanda, contact

·         In the U.S., contact


More TEACH Rwanda books are in various stages of production. Stay tuned!

Learning Materials

Made in Rwanda! High-quality, durable, tested by children in our schools. Perfect for homes and as gifts for young learners.

·         Smock, ideal for painting, water play, mud, & sand. Made with waterproof moto cover material. 7,500 RwF

·         Doll, each with its own personality, dressed individually in Rwandan fabric. 7,500 RwF

·         Hardwood geometric blocks in long rectangles, short rectangles, and triangles. Classroom set of 85 blocks 190,000 RwF.

Delivery fees are additional. We request a 50% deposit upon placement of orders, and payment in full on delivery.


How to order our learning materials?

Contact or Call 0788 83 5696


Our furniture is handcrafted to our specifications by Rwandan carpenters. Wood is aged and sturdy, corners are rounded, surfaces are sanded, and all pieces are finished to hold up to hard wear in busy classrooms.

·         Wooden tables: Short (for 4 children) 37,500 RwF. Long (for 8 children) 56,000 RwF

·         Book display shelves: Small (10 books) 62,500 RwF. Large (30 books) 89,000 RwF

·         Benches: Short (for 2 children) 16,000 RwF

Delivery fees are additional. We request a 50% deposit upon placement of orders, and payment in full on delivery.

How to order our furniture?

Contact ENiyirora@TEACHRwanda.orgor Call 0788 83 5696