Bright School Campaign


This campaign is focused on constructing Phase 1 of our new campus. 

We're thrilled to announce that construction has started on Phase 1 of Bright School! This building will house 8 classrooms. The building will be Bright School's first permanent home, and is much awaited by children, parents, and teachers. This facility will attract more than 1,000 visitors each year from around the world. It is one of two schools in Rwanda that meet our high standards for modern, engaging education.

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Perimeter Fence NEED

One remaining requirement that we are now raising funds for is a perimeter fence in order to keep children away from the road on which the school is located.  Please consider donating to the safety of the children as well as the privacy of the school.  These two objectives are of primary importance to us as we look forward to relocating our students to their new classrooms in the new building very soon.

Help Build a Fence

Bright School began in Muhanga, Rwanda, when Louise Batamuriza, a Rwandan teacher, set up a preschool class in a rented house with just one box of 24 crayons. Louise called Jan Brown, an early childhood educator Louise had worked with in the USA, to “Come help!” With that, TEACH Rwanda was born in early 2012.


TEACH Rwanda now operates four bustling preschool classes as well as Primary 1 & 2 and 3  (first through third grades) at Bright School. Children from all walks of life attend, from the wealthy to the most vulnerable. Children read books, write original stories in their journals, solve math problems when they build with blocks, and discover scientific principles when they play in sand and water. Education officials and organizations are amazed to see children at Bright write stories at an age when most children in Rwanda are still learning to spell their names.

Donate Now Through Paypal

Bright School, our Exemplary School in Muhanga, in partnership with the Gitarama Presbytery and Eglise Presbyterienne au Rwanda (EPR), is building a permanent home. The campus, built on land provided by the Presbytery, will feature

·         3 nursery school classrooms

·         12 primary classrooms

·         a national Teacher Development center

·         an English chapel and meeting room

·         a kitchen

·         offices for the Presbytery, Bright School, & TEACH Rwanda

Donate Now Through PayPal - Choose from these levels:

Legacy Builder

Sponsor a classroom—$15,000

Fresh-Air Leader

Erect a wall with two windows and a door—$3,500

Memory Maker

Build an interior wall—$1,500

Mover and Shaker

Haul a wheelbarrow full of bricks—$500

Muscle Mover

Carry an armload of bricks—$50

Tradition Setter

Form an earthen brick—$10

Every brick counts! Your donation will leave a lasting, tangible legacy for Rwanda’s children!

To mail in your donation:

1. Download the Donation form.
2. Complete the form
3. Mail the form with your check to

TEACH Rwanda
1787-C Chateau Place
Easton, PA 18045-5473


TEACH Rwanda
Post Box 91, Muhanga
South Province, Rwanda

Make checks payable to TEACH Rwanda.

Donate Now Through Paypal

Set up your automatic deposit to TEACH Rwanda’s account at Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley. Contact teachrwanda.treasurer@gmail.com for details.