Rwanda...with a growing international economy…home to gorillas, elephants, zebra, and volcanoes… whose goal is to become a nation of readers, writers, and analytical thinkers…with a competency-based curriculum introduced in 2016…and with TEACH Rwanda leading the transformation of early childhood teacher education.

Many children in Rwanda still live in large families that survive on subsistence farming. Drinking water is often not available. Hunger is a daily reality. Many children drop out of school by first grade.

TEACH Rwanda is determined that every child in Rwanda have the opportunity to get a good education—especially necessary when young brains are growing!

  • We educate teachers to use modern teaching methods and materials.
  • Our Exemplary Schools serve nutritious snacks, so children’s brains can learn. 
  • We supplement school fees, so children living in low-income families can attend school during the most important years of development.


Here’s how you can make a difference.

Get Involved

Donate Learning Materials
Add an extra pack of construction paper, washable markers, or sidewalk chalk to your shopping cart! Find bargains in thrift shops and yard sales! Recycle children’s outgrown books, Legos™, and cars! Contribute scarves you no longer wear! 


These are some of the items that are not yet available in Rwanda, and that hundreds of children in our schools use every day.
•    Blunt-tip scissors
•    Chenille stems
•    Children’s books
•    Construction paper
•    DRY tempera paint, 1” paint brushes
•    Legos
•    Metal toy vehicles
•    Scarves
•    School glue
•    Sidewalk chalk, washable
•    Small/medium rubber animals
•    Washable markers, broad tip
•    Wooden puzzles, 4 to 30 pieces, sturdy
•    Yarn
We carry these in our suitcases, so your donation of $150 will pay for volunteers to take 50 pounds of learning materials to Rwanda. Books and construction paper are heavy!


Mentor Rwandan Teachers

Are you a teacher or retired teacher? Volunteers review weekly learning plans submitted to TEACH Rwanda by e-mail. You can mentor a teacher who is still learning modern teaching methods. Interested? E-mail us at TRModules@TEACHRwanda.org.

Seek Supporters & Partners

Do you sometimes wait at checkout? Are you active in civic or religious groups? Do you have a job? Do you know where to apply for grants?

Recruit Volunteers

Who is eager to do community service? Teenagers? Retirees? Empty nesters? Help TEACH Rwanda identify volunteers—that genuinely change lives. Most volunteers are in the U.S. A few come to Rwanda.

For details about current volunteer opportunities, check with the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley.


Share Our Success

Are you friends with TEACH Rwanda on Facebook? Share our posts! 

Ambassadors for TEACH Rwanda can spread the word about our important work, any time, anywhere! Just ask us to send you the latest brochure, print a few copies, and begin your campaign to give young children in a developing country an opportunity to succeed!


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Shop online with iGive. A percentage of your purchase goes to TEACH Rwanda. 1400 stores participate!

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Direct Donation

Write checks. Set up direct deposit. Contribute through PayPal. Charge to your card. Every dollar makes a difference!


Become an established donor to TEACH Rwanda.

  • Foundation Builder—$10,000 will establish a reserve fund

  • Angel With Wings—$3000 will enable an early childhood teacher educator to spend 2 weeks in Rwanda

  • Principal—$1500 will establish a model early childhood classroom

  • Teacher Sponsor—$150 per month will pay one salary, in-service education, and a medical card

  • Children’s Ally—$100 per month will provide learning supplies for 4 classrooms

  • TEACH Partner—Books, computers, art supplies, and cash donations in any amount are always appreciated!


Tax Deductible

All donations to TEACH Rwanda are tax deductible because we are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization with the IRS. Our financial records are available for review upon request. TEACH Rwanda books are audited each year.


Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities in the USA & Rwanda

  • Early Childhood Education—share international practices by working with teacher educators & children

  • Communications & public relations—promote, write grants

  • Global understanding—build bridges as peacemakers

  • Nonprofit management—team with boards, NGOs, government officials

  • Finance— budget, fiscal priorities, financial management

  • Fundraising—develop a solid base of continuing support