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Teacher Mentoring

Our Modules 1 and 2 (led by teacher mentors) provide an introduction to the classroom culture and teaching skills necessary to offer a high-quality early childhood and primary education. Module 3, classroom-based and personalized teacher mentoring, gives constant, continuing support to teachers who are for the first time in their lives being kind, encouraging, and engaging in a child-focused, rather than a cold, boring teacher-centered, environment. Without coaching and support from school leadership, these skills and attitudes are quickly replaced by more traditional pedagogies, which have proven to be very ineffective. Mentoring helps ensure that children are nurtured with a well-rounded education that supports analytical thinking, understanding, and knowledge. SMALL, well-equipped classes (20 children with two well-prepared teachers in preschool, 22 children in primary) are ESSENTIAL to implement high-quality education. Our teacher mentors observe in classrooms, offer guidance in pedagogy and curriculum planning, set goals for improvement, and support/demonstrate high-quality teaching practices. All TR Exemplary and Project school are regularly supervised by a Teacher Mentor to ensure that our high standards are being addressed and met.

Donate to Teacher Mentoring

Recommended amounts:
$150 provides one day of classroom coaching.
$1,000 provides 4 full-day workshops for 12 teachers.


Thank you for your interest in TEACH Rwanda's campaign. It is because of donor generosity that we are able to carry out our vision in Rwanda.